Amine Biocat 3.0

Recent Developments in the Biocatalysis of Amines

Amine Biocat 3.0

11th - 13th December 2017

Manchester Institute of Biotechnology - University of Manchester, UK


Welcome to the Symposium on Amine Biocatalysis

This event follows on from the 1st and 2nd International Symposia on Transaminase Biocatalysis. These previous events reflected the widespread use of transaminases by the biocatalysis community; indeed for the past few years transaminase biocatalysis has been the preferred choice for the synthesis of amines.

In this rapidly advancing field several competing classes of enzymes have emerged that catalyse exciting new chemistries, such as reductive aminations, that promise to open up alternative routes for the synthesis of amines. You will have noticed that for this year we have changed the name of the conference to Amine Biocat 3.0; hopefully you will agree that this better represents the direction of the field but still maintains continuity with the previous events.

We encourage all attendees to submit an abstract.

On behalf of the organising committee we look forward to welcoming you to Manchester in December 2017.

Nick Turner

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Amine Biocat 3 - Organising Committee

Nicholas Turner, Mark Corbett, Fabio Parmeggiani, Scott France, James Galman, Ian Rowles, Paula Tipton

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